Youth 4 Youth is a committee of Patrick 4 Life which consists of secondary school student representatives from all local secondary schools whose mission is to inform their peers about the importance of HIV and AIDS.

The committee organizes a variety of events as a means to communicate vital information with respect to HIV and AIDS.  These events include an annual  “Pizza 4 Patrick” dinner with student entertainment and a “YouthFest” where over 1000 students attend a function with guest speakers and where entertainers perform to increase HIV and AIDS awareness.

Youth 4 Youth’s vision is that youth worldwide will save lives by spreading the truth, not the virus.

The committee meets annually at the P4L office, 570 First Ave E, North Bay, ON P1B 1K6.

Seven secondary schools have a representatives on the Youth 4 Youth committee.  They include:

  • Chippewa Secondary School
  • West Ferris Secondary School
  • Widdifield Secondary School
  • École secondaire catholique Algonquin
  • St. Joseph-Scollard Hall
  • École secondaire publique Odyssée
  • Nbisiing Secondary School

Youth 4 Youth Members 2016

President: Megan Cundari

Vice President: Amanda Justice

Treasurers: Erin Ablett, Megan Simola, Emma McArthur

Secretaries: Charlotte Mogan, Dante Doherty

Social Media Experts: Mary Grannary, Kamila Lebel, Ocean Gareau

Strategic Planning: Kayla Cadieux, Elissa St.Jean


“The reason why I am doing this is because youth need to be engaged in the issues of our community and society. ”
Matthew Robinson Youth 4 Youth Leader (May 7/2012)

“I like being part of Youth 4 Youth because it is preparing me to become a leader in the future.”
Megan Suitor Grade 10 Student at Chippewa Secondary School, Youth 4 Youth member (November 30/2012)

“It’s all about spreading awareness and the dropping of the stigma of AIDS.”
Sarah Conway of École secondaire catholique Algonquin, Youth 4 Youth member (March 22/2011)


Patrick 4 Life – North Bay and Area Community Foundation
Christine Fortin, Patrick’s mother; Jocelyn Bell-Summersby, champion teacher; Nicholas Waltenbury, Youth 4 Youth Leader, describe the work they do through Patrick 4 Life.

What is HIV? – Patrick 4 Life in association with Widdifield Secondary School a Kyle Hansford Production
Talking about it is the first step to prevention.


How to Join

Interested in joining Youth 4 Youth? It’s easy! Give us a call or email us and find out how to become a part of an amazing team! Contact us at:

Phone: 705-223-4728