The best way to learn about Patrick 4 Life is to speak with a child who has benefited from the “Partici-Patrick” program. In addition, witnessing the program and the activities of teachers, volunteers and supporters demonstrates how HIV and AIDS education programs influence students and make a difference in their lives.

The following videos are available to demonstrate and explain who Patrick 4 Life is and why it engages students in meaningful and fun-filled learning activities.

When September Ends – Patrick’s Journey 
Before there is action there must be awareness. Together more is possible

From Nightmare to Dream 
Patrick’s family share Patrick’s story and the birth of Patrick 4 Life and the Partici-Patrick program. 

Du cauchemar au rêve 
La famille de Patrick vous fait part de l’histoire de Patrick ainsi que de l’origine de l’organisme Patrick pour la vie et du programme Partici-Patrick.

Patrick 4 Life – North Bay and Area Community Foundation 
Christine Fortin, Patrick’s mother; Jocelyn Bell-Summersby, champion teacher; Nicholas Waltenbury, Youth 4 Youth Leader, describe the work they do through Patrick 4 Life. 

Patrick 4 Life Documentary 
From loss to legacy – Abbey Tanner, student at W.J. Fricker Public School sits down with Patrick’s mom, Christine Fortin to discuss Patrick’s journey from life to death and the inspiration for Patrick 4 Life.

Day of Champions 
The Campaign to Raise HIV/AIDS Awareness
Testimonials from Day of Champions participants. “Together we can make this happen – together we can beat this!”

E-mercial by Ed Regan “START ACTION STOP HIV/AIDS.” 

Partici-Patrick 2012 Testimonials 
Energy and enthusiasm was running high at the Partici-Patrick event while a parent and Patrick’s brother Richard give testimonials and hope for the future for this program.

Minister of Education, Leona Dombrowsky and MPP, Monique Smith
The Minister of Education, Leona Dombrowsky and MPP, Monique Smith are interviewed at the Patrick’s Wish book launch in 2010.

What is HIV? – Patrick 4 Life in association with Widdifield Secondary School a Kyle Hansford Production 
Talking about it is the first step to prevention. 

Africa Connection
Patrick’s parents traveled to Africa to share Patrick’s wish. In the villages they engaged students in games and sports to leanr about HIV and AIDS. This video demonstrates these activities and illustrates how a community comes together to support these efforts.