The most recent research study in 2016, led by Dr. Anna Marie Aquino and Robert Sampson, was conducted in an effort to find a correlation between the Partici-Patrick Program and positive character traits/virtues in participating students. The purpose of their research study was to investigate the effects the Partici-Patrick Program has on students in Grades 4-6 in terms of their sense of self-worth and esteem, their development assets and their condition of mental wellness.

“Findings suggest that the Partici-Patrick Program may benefit students with low self-concept by improving their assessment of their abilities with respect to intellectual and academic tasks, as well as general satisfactions with school. Further the Partici-Patrick program may also help students with low self-concept to have a more positive appraisal of their physical appearance, confidence with leadership roles in school, confidence in knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS; and making healthy lifestyle choices.”

See full publication here: Partici-Patrick and Values Education, Developmental Assets, Self-Worth and Self Esteem in Grade 4-6 Students

A recent study which measures the impact of the Partici-Patrick program was conducted by Dr. Michael McCabe and is now published in the Physical and Health Education Journal, Vol. 80, No.4.