Patrick’s Wish Book

Lyanne’s older brother Patrick was full of life and fun, a friends as well as a brother.  When she was old enough to understand, Patrick told her that he was sick.  He was HIV positive, which meant he had a virus in his blood that one day would turn into a disease called AIDS, which was even more serious.

Lyanne knew that Patrick’s sickness meant that he needed his family and friends more than ever.  What Patrick showed her and everyone else around him was his courage and that he had so much to give.  He had a wish for the world, and while he was alive he worked hard to make it happen.

Patrick knew that there were many other people in the world affected by HIV and AIDS.  His wish was that we should all learn about this disease, and that one day we would find a cure.  Let’s make Patrick’s wish come true.

Patrick’s Wish, a picture book of photographs and text, tells the fascinating story of this boy who embraced life and laughter until his last day. Patrick had a wish: to raise HIV and AIDS awareness and to find a cure. This compelling story of his life is aimed at making his wish come true by educating a generation of children to understand HIV and AIDS by personally connecting with a real-life Canadian boy who was infected with HIV at the age of 7.

To purchase Patrick’s Wish ($7.95 CAD), available in English and in French, please visit the P4L office or Second Story Press.

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