Partici-Patrick is an activity-based curriculum program encompassing daily physical activity, character education and HIV and AIDS awareness.  It is taught in elementary schools to students from grades 3 to 8.

It teaches values which will equip students to make healthy life-style choices.  The outcomes of the program promote among students an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence.

Patrick 4 Life believes that this multifaceted program is a fun and unique way for students to become aware of the strength which they have within and how using it, can help prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Program Characteristics

Throughout a six-week period students from grades 3 to 8 use the daily physical activity time (DPA),  mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Education, to achieve a 22.5K marathon. This can be achieved by either walking or running. During this period the students maintain a scorecard in which they record their daily achievement.  Related to this physical activity, a classroom lesson is conducted to demonstrate the values which can be achieved by participation in the run/walk and how they apply to the regular daily curriculum activity.  Partici-Patrick is program designed to integrate with the school’s regular curriculum. Some of the values include: courage, tolerance for diversity, acceptance, self-discipline, unity and compassion.

The program culminates in a day of celebration known as the “Day of Champions”.  All students convene and complete the last leg (2.2K) of their marathon.  All students are awarded with a marathon medal and a red Partici-Patrick shirt to highlight their efforts.  Secondary school students lead and monitor a full day of games, activities and entertainment.

To view the photo gallery for the 2016 Day of Champions, click the link below!

Day of Champions Photo Gallery 2016

Proud Partners

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Curriculum Learning Activities have been developed for grades 3 to 8.  Curriculum units for grades 3, 7 and 8 are new and have been recently implemented over the course of the past 2 years!  This curricula is developed by volunteer practicing teachers from the local district school boards.

The expectations for these units complement those identified in the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines and therefore promote easy integration.

The learning activities focus on knowledge about HIV and AIDS, skill development as it applies to building relationships, attitudes reflecting the values embedded in the curriculum and behaviours that contribute to a balanced and fully developed life-style.

Please see On Line teacher resources & curriculum on the P4L website.

Teacher Training

As part of the Partici-Patrick program, teachers (recognized as teacher ambassadors) are trained by Patrick 4 Life to develop teaching and learning strategies to make the program student friendly and age appropriate.

Teachers are exposed to best practices and are provided with all necessary learning materials. Patrick 4 Life advocates an integrated and value-based approach to teaching children about HIV and AIDS.

Since the Partici-Patrick program is designed to integrate into the regular curriculum, the training sessions will focus on skill development to enable teachers to integrate the program successfully with the chosen discipline from the regular curriculum mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Teacher Testimonials

“The main attitudes toward fitness, self-perception, knowledge, and character development all culminated to ‘self-awareness’. I noticed that students became more perceptive of HIV/AIDS and the very real fact that it can happen here and now in our own country, as opposed to only existing in Africa, which is far away and hard to relate to.”

“While teaching religious curriculum, the teachers related the Partici-Patrick content to Christian values, love self and one’s body, a common mission to eliminate AIDS and many other links.”

“It can be taught in language, math, entire units, history, sports health, science and geography. It can be taught in every subject.”


Jodie Nychuk, curriculum coordinator for the Near North District School Board in North Bay, describes her experience implementing the program and the benefits she sees in it for the children in this video.

Jeanne Cantin, conseillère pédagogique au Conseil catholique Franco-Nord, explique l’importance du programme scolaire Partici-Patrick et comment nos jeunes en bénéficient, dans cette vidéo


The Partici-Patrick program is a unique partnership between all area school boards (French Public, French Catholic, English Public, English Catholic and the Nbissing Secondary School) and is endorsed by their respective Directors of Education. It clearly demonstrates their commitment to on-going communication, education and HIV and AIDS awareness.

The official corporate sponsor for the Partici-Patrick program is the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit.