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As part of the Partici-Patrick program, teachers (recognized as teacher ambassadors) are trained by Patrick 4 Life to develop teaching and learning strategies to make the program student friendly and age appropriate.

Teachers are exposed to best practices and are provided with all necessary learning materials. Patrick 4 Life advocates an integrated and value-based approach to teaching children about HIV and AIDS.

Since the Partici-Patrick program is designed to integrate into the regular curriculum, the training sessions will focus on skill development to enable teachers to integrate the program successfully with the chosen discipline from the regular curriculum mandated by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Dear Teacher,

Thanks for joining Partici-Patrick 2017, in our eleventh year! This amazing project would not be possible without the support and energy that you bring to this and to your students.

If you are new to us this year… WELCOME!

To facilitate your classroom discussions, we have created this online Teacher Guide. This guide contains relative information, activities and forms that will get you on the right track and assist your classroom teachings and discussions.

Click to download and print: