Patrick 4 Life Believes…

In the capacity of the youth to affect change

P4L works specifically on empowering youth through educational opportunities in a context of life-skills learning, as children and youth are most likely to turn to each other for information about life-skills. Credibility and trustworthiness among peers is central to both understanding and prevention.

In the universal right to information and education about HIV/AIDS

P4L focuses its efforts on improving education as the foundation to HIV/AIDS prevention via awareness programs, curriculum and other effective communication vehicles. P4L strongly believes that education develops behaviour that can reduce risk and vulnerability.

That knowledge about HIV/AIDS can be effectively learned to promote an increased quality of life 

By promoting youth to make healthy life-style choices in schools, P4L is building active and healthy community members. The education of youth will influence the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

It is important to remain honest, transparent and accountable to:

  1. build the trust and confidence of P4L’s stakeholders and the public in general; and
  2. to ensure continuous support and sustainable development

P4L is transparent in its statement of goals, its decision-making and relationships, and honest in reporting its resource use and achievements. P4L commits its resources to the fulfillment of its mission and uses its resources in an economical and responsible way. P4L distributes relevant and timely information about its activities to ensure that internal and external stakeholders can hold the organization to account. With its partners and stakeholders, P4L proactively discusses its challenges, and takes into account lessons learned and best practices.

It is important to treat each person with respect

P4L respects the dignity and worth of all individuals. All its efforts consider the current sensitivities associated with HIV/AIDS.  P4L promotes respect by developing an inclusive, supportive and collaborative environment.

Partnerships are critical to creating a culture of connection and belonging to society

P4L continues to develop and foster relationships with various partners at the municipal, provincial, federal and international level. P4L seeks cooperative and practical commitments from all stakeholders to develop, deliver and improve HIV/AIDS education and awareness programs.